Spiritual Services

Tarot Card reading Packages

($80) Life reading with in-depth love reading or career, 3 questions
30 minutes
($120) Life reading, love in-depth next 6 months with the cards
60 min reading

Tea Leaves

($50) Sit and have a delicious cup of tea for a 30 min reading while we journey through the prospected year read out through the scrying of your essence through symbolism and the expressions of the leaves in the cup.

Crystal Readings

($50) Pocket stones/crystals, bring your favourite pocket gems for me to read while I relate the characteristics to your life and see the in-depth parts defining the connection while seeing how your mental state is of late.

Crystal Ball Readings

($80) we journey into the crystal ball and get answers from the depth of the crystal orb


($120) hour long includes tarot, tea leaves and crystal ball to get messages to you from beyond from those dearly departed


($60) 30 min reading of a sentimental object a piece of jewellery or something else to bring information to you about the object and current projection of the use and life that the future holds.

Automatic writing

(200$) for 1 hour contacting guides and getting channeled writing
to help with loved ones and life.

Book for Parties

Minimum $400 for 3 hrs of time local for parties to the Edmonton and surrounding areas

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