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Welcome to the enthralling experience of having a spiritual reading, a walk through Tarot, palmistry and other forms of divination to retrieve your answers from the divine. My name is Anthony, and I am a Psychic Medium with over 14 years of experience helping people navigate through their spiritual journeys.

I have always believed in a higher self. As a child, I was aware of my psychic abilities, allowing me to read people’s energy and pick up on information about their past, present and future. After years of internal work and study, I am able to process the messages from spirit. Through sheer devotion, surrender, meditation, gratitude, and learning to silence the mind, I can better understand the process of spiritual enlightenment. My unique approach is one of openness and curiosity, instead of searching to define our unknown experiences as one would expect.

I am passionate about teaching others how to access the voice of their soul. Through meditation, journaling, or by taking a quiet, mindful walk; we can learn to connect to our higher self. As a psychic who has fine-tuned my gifts, I am able to feel and hear thoughts, voices or mental impressions from the spirit world. As a medium, I can connect with those who have crossed over. Receiving information and messages from spirit to bring healing to those who want to restore a sense of balance in their life.

My goal is to facilitate spiritual growth for those wanting to experience an awakening beyond the confines of the ego and shift to a higher level of consciousness. Experience the extraordinary healing ability of the human mind as we dive into the subconscious. As you explore my website, feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or reach out and contact me.

Readings take place via telephone, Skype, or in person. If you are local to Edmonton, I will be back at the Russian Tea Room so feel free to stop by for a reading!

Anthony Edward Hicks

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