Spirit Guides: Beautiful Ways to Connect and Receive Messages

Guides are spiritual beings that help you at any given moment during your life. They are often there when you are in a stressful situation or are helping guide you on a path towards a better life. It is my belief what we all have spirit guides. When you focus on building a close relationship with your spirit guides, you will receive guidance that will help you throughout your journey.

Before we come to earth, we have a guide that exists with us. These guides are only here to give us a feeling of peace, love and compassion. To receive clear messages will depend on your sensitivity to your higher self. Many spirit guides have calling cards. This is how they show us they are speaking with us. It could be a touch on our arm, a slight tickle on our nose or maybe we are finding dimes everywhere. These are all signs to let us know they are with us.

We correspond with our guides daily and gain new spirits based on our life choices. Every choice takes on a positive or negative energy, so constant alignment and clearing is needed. This process is known as soul alignment. Soul alignment is about living a life of integrity and being who you truly are at the core of your soul. It means taking responsibility for your life and your happiness so you can be at peace with yourself. When you are in alignment with your soul, you are better able to receive positive messages.

During difficult times, we don’t always make the best choices for ourselves and for others. When we go through dark times, it is difficult to get rid of spirit guides that feed on our resentment, impatience, trauma or fear. Therefore, it is important to cut the cords from these negative experiences. To understand this further, I can compare it to a garden. Constant weeding is needed to attend to the ones that give us the abundance we wish for.

A good heart will help you make better choices which will keep your soul in alignment. A good tip is to remember to act with good intentions as everyone has their struggles and keeping good virtues in mind can help maintain your personal integrity. Good virtues are such behaviours like acting with humility, patience, moderation, and kindness.

Keeping a good conscious is important for our lives to blossom and build trust with others on our journey. Deep meditation helps us access these plans of existence and aids to filter out impulses as well as other desires that are not our own. Perception is warped with fear and control issues. It is said that practicing meditation twice a day for 20 minutes can help us reach a deeper communication with ourselves and spirit guides.

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From Tarot to Photography: Seeing Things Differently

Seeing Things Differently

Being a photographer has given me the ability to see the world differently. Simple movements, inspiring details, and unique perspectives allow me to show others that life is full of beautiful people, beautiful moments and beautiful experiences.  

Approaching my work with this understanding has contributed to my growth as a spiritual medium and clairvoyant. I see light as information and associate this awareness with the knowledge gained from people I read though the Tarot deck. When doing a reading, one’s soul is exposed. Each card becomes a photograph of emotion through the eyes of the seeker. Whether you are looking for answers, reminiscing over fond memories, or yearning for a sense of comfort about the future, every card drawn brings about self-healing. The Tarot deck channels its own spiritual power, accessing unconscious wisdom.

Having a passion for both Tarot cards and photography is immensely fulfilling. During the past few years, I have been fortunate to use my intuitive gifts alongside an artistic set of traits. Having early morning shoots gets me out into the world as it wakes up. Capturing the small things in a forgotten world and introducing others to their innate beauty.  I use my gifts and abilities to bring people out of their spiritual darkness and into the light. It is not something that I have tried to achieve-it seems to come naturally. I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to work creatively and spiritually in this unique twist of talents.

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Intuitive Photography with Occult Influence

Journey Through Intuitive Photography with Occult Influence

Art has always been a representation of the soul. Being fascinated by all things esoteric has given me a new-found sense of joy and freedom through the use of my camera and graphic design. Learning to instinctively pay attention to the feelings surrounding each photo-shoot has granted me the ability to experience the present moment rather than simply taking a snapshot in time.

Capturing special moments intuitively and artistically has been a sought after specialty of mine. My primary focus is on photography that is centered around special portraits, esoteric themes, memorial or magic. This specialization gifts me the ability to show others a world through the creative eyes of an occult photographer. Ultimately, my goal is pave the way for a more spiritual experience though occult-ridden images—designing a world full of spiritual symbolism and mystical unknowns.

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